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I have a gig and can't do the finals of The Main Event. Should I still register?
Yes. If you win and can't move on we will just give your spot to the comic who placed behind you in the scoring. Just performing at The Main Event could get you seen by many of the comedy club owner/bookers you want to work for. Plus, when you register you can pick a Satellite for free. Performing at a Satellite can help you get into The Main Event.

Why should I come to The Main Event if I am not getting to perform in the contest?
The festival has been described as a job fair for comics. Everything we do is designed to put you, as the comic, around the comedy club owner/bookers as much as possible. This includes the now famous Meet & Greet where hundreds of comics get to meet the bookers and hand them their promo material, as well as the Poker Tournament, Bowling Night, and other events. Plus, every day during the day there are free comedy seminars taught by industry experts to help you become a better comedian.

What is the Meet & Greet?
This has become the biggest part of the festival. Comics have said year after year that this was worth the cost of registration and the trip to The Main Event. All the Comedy club owners/bookers who are at The Main Event for the festival will be in one room for you to meet them in person, hand them your promo material and work on getting them to remember you.

How much promo material should I bring to The Main Event?
We usually have 15 to 20 comedy club owners at the Meet & Greet and more than that walking around the hotel during the week.

I didn’t get picked to perform at The Main Event. Can I get on stage any other way?
Yes. Each year we have late night shows for the comics who registered but didn’t make it into the contest. The spots are limited, so as soon as the list of the comics is posted, and if you’re not on it, email joe@theworldseriesofcomedy.com and ask to be put on the list for the Registered Comics shows. You will then be emailed the info on those shows.

Why don’t the registered comics get to come into the showroom and watch every show?
There will be 175 to 200 comics at the festival. We have found that if we let comics into the showroom for free they just wander in and out of the showroom. They run into see one comic then run out. They try to get backstage where the performing comics are. Trying to handle all of this is hard and takes a bigger staff than we have it is also disruptive to the comic on stage. We do everything we can to make sure that the comic on stage performing has the best show they can in front of the best audience they can. Also, depending on where The Main Event is help seating may be limited and we want to make sure we have a seat for audience members.

How much time will I be doing in the shows at The Main Event?
This info can be found on the website at http://worldseriesofcomedy.com/contest-format.  If you’re in the late night Registered Comics Show you will be doing 3 to 5 minutes. If you are in the Wildcard show you will be doing 5 minutes. If you are in the Second Round performing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, you will be doing 8 minutes.  If you make it to the finals in either of the first two shows on Saturday you will be doing 8 minutes. If you make it to the final show of the week, the third show on Saturday, you will be doing 25 minutes.

If my schedule changes after I am selected to compete in The Main Event, can I request to perform on a different day?
There are no guarantees that a change can be made to the performance schedule. However, once the list is posted there will be comics who drop out. At that point we will try to accommodate scheduling conflicts.
Why are there no refunds?
We will refund everyone’s registration if for some reason The Main Event is canceled. When you register you are not registering to perform, that is only a small part of the festival. You are registering for The Main Event festival. Even if you do not get picked to perform in a Satellite or The Main Event, you can still come out to the festival and take part in everything that is set up to help you learn and network.

Is there any way I can register for FREE?
Yes. We are always looking for help getting the word out about our comedy festival. If you get 8 comics to sign up and they put your name on the registration form as the referring comic, you will get a link for a free registration. Once we see your name 8 times you will get an email. Even if you have already registered we will refund your registration fee.

How many minutes of material do I need to have prepared in the event I win some weeks of work?
The World Series of Comedy is a festival for the feature-level comedian, or comedians entering that level. The standard time for a feature comic is twenty-five minutes and is the time that comics have to perform in the Finals of each WSOC Satellite and the Finals of The Main Event. In most cases, this will be the expected amount of time by the clubs providing the work. Once you have won, further discussion may be had with producer Joe Lowers.

Can I mail you a check for my registration?
No. Everyone must enter the contest via the WSOC website and your registration fee must be paid online.

Can I mail you a DVD of my show?
No. All videos must be a YouTube link. It is the safest way to ensure your video is watched by our WSOC staff members located all over the United States.

How do I get a discount code? When can a discount code be used?
The registration fee will start out at $60 with no discounts available. Once the registration fee goes up to $85, you can email Producer Joe Lowers at joe@theworldseriesofcomedy.com for a discount code to save $25 off registration. Discount codes are only given out to comics who have registered in the past for The Main Event.

Do we get any free tickets to the shows at The Main Event?
Yes.  When you check in at the festival registration and pick up your name badge for the week, you will be given one free ticket. This ticket can be used for any show by you or by someone else.

Can we buy discount tickets to the shows at The Main Event?
Yes. At each show you will be able to buy one ticket for $5 that can only be used by you. These tickets will only be sold once the regular audience has been seated and we know how many seats we have left. You will also be able to buy half price tickets. You can buy as many half price tickets as you want and can give them to anyone you would like.

Can we buy a discount VIP Pass to The Main Event shows?
Yes, when you check in you can buy a VIP pass for all the shows for only $35 ($420 value). Restrictions apply: You will only be able to use this VIP pass if the show is not sold out and/or there is room in the back. You will be seated after the regular audience and before any other comics buying a discount ticket for that night.

Can comics buy the offered audience packages for themselves if they want to see the shows at The Main Event?
Any comedians that want to pay the regular audience price are free to do so and will enjoy the benefits of any regular audience member. Comedians paying for admission are subject to any and all food/drink minimums that apply. The WSOC reserves the right to seat all audience members at their discretion.

Do I have to be at The Main Event for all six days?
No. You only need to be at The Main Event the night you are scheduled to perform. If you are in the Wildcard show on Monday and advance, then you will need to be there when you are scheduled to perform next (either Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday or Friday). If you are one of the top two from the Tuesday through Friday shows, you will have to be there on Saturday for the finals.

Should I try to be at The Main Event for all six days?
Yes. We have found over the years that comics who stay for the week and take advantage of everything offered at the festival get the most out of it. It’s very hard to network in one or two days. We have different seminars each day and different events where you could meet the booker you have wanted to meet. 

Am I Automatically in the contest part of The Main Event when I register?
No. You have to be picked from your video submission or win a Satellite to have a spot in the contest part of The Main Event comedy festival. When you register you are registering for the comedy festival.

Am I responsible for all travel expenses to perform at The Main Event?
Yes. Comics participating in The Main Event competition are responsible for all transportation and hotel accommodations.

Will there be a discount on the hotel at The Main Event?
Yes. There is a discount for comics who are staying at the hosting hotel. This will be the only hotel we will offer discounts on. Staying at the hosting hotel supports the festival and is where the comedy club owners/bookers stay. Information on the hotel can be found at http://worldseriesofcomedy.com/main-hotel.

Can we volunteer to help at the shows at The Main Event?
Yes. We always need help as a festival this size requires the assistance of many people. If you would like to volunteer, email us at joe@theworldseriesofcomedy.com. We will take your information and set up a schedule of when and where we will need volunteers. You will also get a WSOC staff T-shirt!

When can we check in and pick up our festival credentials?
Festival check-in/registration will be in or near the showroom and will be open starting on Monday at 12pm and will be open all day. All other days you will be able to check in right before that day’s scheduled seminar.

Who are the judges for the shows at The Main Event?
Judges of The Main Event will consist of comedy club owners, bookers and management from comedy clubs across the United States and Canada. These judges fly in just for this festival to see new talent.

Do we have to pay for the comedy seminars?
No. They are part of your registration fee. Each year we have comedy seminars ranging from writing jokes, corporate & college work, how to submit a video, and Q&A’s with headliners and comedy club owners/bookers.

If I am not registered for The Main Event can I attend the scheduled seminars?
No. Only registered attendees may be present at the seminars. However, there is a “festival only” registration available that does not include participating in the contest. “Festival registration” can be purchased online as soon as regular registration closes or in person at the festival.

Can my family or friends attend seminars with me?
Only registered attendees may be present at the seminars. Family and friends are welcome at all late night events.

Do we have to pay for Bowling Night or the Poker Tournament?
Bowling is very cheap and we will be paying the first $100 for bowling, so be sure to be there first and you may not have to pay. You will be able to register for the Poker Tournament online before the festival and this is something you should do to save money and to guarantee yourself a spot.

What do I do if I got picked for The Main Event?
The main thing you need to do is read the email that you will get from us. We will send out several emails leading up to The Main Event and in these emails you will find a lot of the answers you will need or want. You must confirm your spot via email. If we do not get an email from you confirming your spot than your spot will be given to the next comic in line. You must show up to the show on time. If you are late you will lose your spot to perform.

What do I do if I didn't get picked for The Main Event?
You should still be planning to come out to The Main Event. Comics may drop out and you may be moved up into their spot. Also, many comics end up getting work just from the networking that takes place during the week of the festival. We also have late night registered comic shows for comics not in the top 101 so you can still get up on stage.