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If I am not registered for The Main Event can I attend the scheduled seminars?
No. Only registered attendees may be present at the seminars. However, there is a “festival only” registration available that does not include participating in the contest. “Festival registration” can be purchased online as soon as regular registration closes or in person at the festival.

Can my family or friends attend seminars with me?
Only registered attendees may be present at the seminars. Family and friends are welcome at all late night events.

Do we have to pay for Bowling Night or the Poker Tournament?
Bowling is very cheap and we will be paying the first $100 for bowling, so be sure to be there first and you may not have to pay. You will be able to register for the Poker Tournament online before the festival and this is something you should do to save money and to guarantee yourself a spot.

What do I do if I got picked for The Main Event?
The main thing you need to do is read the email that you will get from us. We will send out several emails leading up to The Main Event and in these emails you will find a lot of the answers you will need or want. You must confirm your spot via email. If we do not get an email from you confirming your spot than your spot will be given to the next comic in line. You must show up to the show on time. If you are late you will lose your spot to perform.

What do I do if I didn't get picked for The Main Event?
You should still be planning to come out to The Main Event. Comics may drop out and you may be moved up into their spot. Also, many comics end up getting work just from the networking that takes place during the week of the festival. We also have late night registered comic shows for comics not in the top 101 so you can still get up on stage.